As a wedding gift to a (now former) roommate, several friends and I catered his and his (now) wife's wedding. I handled (most) of the savory items, and another friend did desserts (which were quite a challenge, gluten free and dairy free!).

The reception was tea party themed, so finger sandwiches and the like were on the menu.

The menu included such delights as:

  • Hummus & Roasted Red Pepper Sandwiches
  • Cucumber Sandwiches
  • Pickle Rolls
  • Hummus & Veg platter
  • Roasted Mushroom Miso dip (I should post that recipe…)
  • Fresh-made Soft Pretzels and Mustard Cheddar sauce
Sandwiches, platters, oh my!

Sandwiches, platters, oh my!

Due to being tea party themed, we also made several tea-based cocktails, which were a hit.